Monday, 21 March 2016

Tips To Successfully Outsource Your Mobile App Development

The  mobile app ecosystem is already flooded  with distinct ideas to develop mobile apps.  Similarly, there is no shortage of qualified developers and designers to put the deal through. However,  the existence of hustlers and yes men (people who instantly agree to your requirements) among genuine developers makes it difficult for businesses to identify the right ones.

outsource mobile app development

Mainly startups or businesses with non-technical backgrounds or those who have limited technical knowledge end up having unpleasant outsourcing experiences. So, to prevent any such problems,  here are some important tips to keep in mind when outsourcing mobile app development to any service provider:

Define your App Idea and Scope: The first step of your project is to analyse and test the idea you have discovered. Once assured, prepare a document which includes the following:

  • Clear description of the services and customers you want to target through the app
  • List of features you require in the app
  • Examples of similar apps that exist
This will give  developer a clear idea of what you're exactly looking for and avoid  later-stage misconceptions. Also, don't consider this as a final copy as you may come across developer questions or suggestions that can add change your original idea.

Check Developer Portfolios & Reviews: Every company or individual providing app development services proudly showcases their portfolios and testimonials on their websites or through other online platforms. Check the previous work they may have done and feedback received from their clients. Do some additional research of developers you found relevant and see if they have their profiles, portfolios or reviews on any other online platforms as well. Study them in detail. Make a list of companies or individuals that possess the skills and qualities required to develop your app. Communicate with them and shortlist the ones that seem to be a good fit for your project.

Opt for a Fixed Budget: Cost is a very significant factor of the mobile app development lifecycle. Once you've prepared a list of developers you'd like to work with, go ahead with cost discussion. Some companies may propose profit-sharing or partnerships, which often seems tempting but has its  own pitfalls. So, the best option here is to consider aspects like technologies that will be used by developers, time required to accomplish the project, etc. and settle  for a fixed budget. You'll thank yourself later for choosing the fixed budget option.

Choose the Right Developer: Even though this is the last step of outsourcing mobile app development project, many businesses still make a mistake in choosing the right developer. Apart from the above-mentioned factors, you should also get the developer's confirmation or responses for things like timeline breakdown, signing NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements), expecting transparency, punctuality, regular updates and communication. In addition to these, you can also ask your developer to do a demo task for you to ensure you can trust  them.

Finding the ideal developer for your mobile app development project can be a tedious process. However, it's worth putting your time and efforts into these initial tips to ensure your idea is crafted by the right people to help you save time and money in long run.

Do you have any tips in mind to outsource iPhone application development? Please share with us in your comments.

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