Friday, 8 April 2016

5 Reasons Why OpenCart Is A Feasible Choice For Your eCommerce Site

Are you planning to develop an eCommerce store for your business? Are you researching online to find the right eCommerce platform? If yes, then we have an answer - OpenCart.

While the eCommerce market is already booming with various open-source eCommerce solutions, determining the right platform for your business becomes arduous. All the platforms offer a wide range of extensive features and functionalities. But selecting a platform that fits well with your business requirements will leave you in awe. In such puzzling situations, OpenCart turns out to be the best solution. But the question is - Why OpenCart? Here’s our answer.

OpenCart is a widely used open-source eCommerce solution. It is written in PHP and is based on MVC platform. It contains numerous inbuilt features and lets you get started with your online shop easily after installation. Here we have rounded up a list of some important reasons of leveraging OpenCart eCommerce development for your online store.

Resourceful Features: OpenCart offers out of the box support for manufacturers, categories and sub-categories, individual products, product reviews, payment and shipping configurations, multiple languages, and currencies. The best part about these features is, unlike other open-source eCommerce carts these features can be directly worked upon.

Easy To Use: Setting up OpenCart is extremely easy. Whether you’re a skilled developer or a clueless entrepreneur, with a few products, categories, payment and shipping configurations you can easily get a simple online store up and running within hours. You can perform a major part of the set up in OpenCart’s classic backend. The highly intuitive admin panel also allows you to integrate multiple payment options.

Multiple Templates, Extensions, and Modules: A wide array of free and commercial templates and extensions are available on the OpenCart website for your cart system. The templates can be easily modified into a unique design to make your store look splendid. The free extensions are GLP compliant and can be easily customized as per the requirements. Also, there are 200 modules with wide-ranging functionalities to enable simple calculations, a tag cloud for live chat, run OpenCart blog and more.

Off-the-shelf SEO: OpenCart offers excellent SEO support. The user can define the meta description, meta tags, and keywords for all the products and categories. OpenCart also includes Search Engine Friendly URLs that contributes to SEO. Moreover, services like Google Analytics are easy to integrate. You can expand such services just for $15 which also offers Google Analytics eCommerce integration.

Online Community Support: Above all, whenever or wherever you feel stuck with OpenCart development, the OpenCart Community is always there to assist you. They provide prompt responses to your problems and queries. There are multiple full-time active communities and forums out there, and you can either participate and contribute as a developer or look for complete solutions for your problems.

From the perspective of both technicalities and user experience, OpenCart provides the best of all in the eCommerce industry and that too free. So, what more do you want? Set up your own cool online store today.

Which eCommerce cart are you using for your online business? Share with us in your comments below.

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