Friday, 9 September 2016

Why Xamarin Is the Go-to Cross Development Platform For Enterprises

Xamarin is a popular cross-platform app development tool to deliver applications across multiple mobile operating systems - Android, iOS, and Windows in one go. It is an excellent platform that brings .NET/C# to iOS and Android while letting you make apps complaint to both Google Play and the iOS App Store.

The budget-friendly enterprises count on Xamarin for its ability to develop multiple mobile app versions and give them a native look and feel. Moreover, high-end performance, better UI/UX designs, and high functionality features are some Xamarin benefits that lure app developers towards it.

Xamarin in partnership with Microsoft recently made its integration with Visual Studio deeper. It now enables you to produce portable class libraries fully complaint to .NET. If this still doesn't build your interest in hiring a Xamarin application specialist, here's an infographic that gives six more reasons to use Xamarin as your cross-platform development tool. Take a look:

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