Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Points To Consider Before Hiring an Android App Development Company

Android is an open-source platform for smartphones that has been developed by the internet giant, Google. It offers competitive tools that help achieve robust functionalities and provides various other benefits to businesses and developers. With its growing popularity it has already overtaken iOS as the most used smartphone OS today.

There are many web solution companies that outsource their services in various pre-designed and customized packages for their clients. They offer you packages where you can hire a mobile developer full-time or you can choose part-time developers. You are open to select these experts as per your requirements. However, it is important to choose the development partner carefully. 

There are a few things and questions that you should keep in mind while hiring such mobile apps development professionals or services. They are listed below:
  •  Does the company have experience in Android App Development? 

    You should always run a check on the company or the professionals you are hiring. It is important to know whether they have experience in developing mobile applications and publishing them on the Android Market. Check their portfolios for development history and screen shots. In case they have listed links to their work on their website, it is a good idea to go through them to get a broader overview of their technical and innovation skills.

  • Can the company conceptualize and develop a User friendly App? 

    It is important that the firm  you are planning to hire has the capability to generate an appealing, user-friendly application. The Android app development company should possess the aptitude to visualize the concept for your app, design it in a creative manner and deploy it for your niche / target market. If they are unable to come up with a  fresh concept or are unable to deliver on your given concept, then it’s a waste of time to hire such a company’s service or professionals.

  • Can the company provide support and upgrade services? 

    The most crucial part prior to, while using an app, or releasing it to your niche is the right technical assistance. So, it is essential that you hire a company that can help you fix bugs, offer upgrades, and provide client support services. Organizations that have a large Android  development team including designers, developers, and testers should be preferred over others while hiring, especially if they have eCommerce portal development or software development experience.

  • Is the company capable of porting Apps to other platforms? 

    Expand your scope of earnings by choosing a company or developer that has good experience in porting an Android App to other platforms including iPhone and Windows.  After launching on the Android OS, you might need to reach a broader target market by creating something for the iOS and Windows platform. A firm that has technical know-how across all these platforms will help you achieve better positioning in the market.

Android app development can be a profitable step for your business. With one app, you can interact and reach out to its 100 million plus users. As an SMB, prior to selecting a company for Android development, make sure you have answers to the questions raised above. Careful consideration of credentials is essential when mobile app quality needs to be given utmost importance.


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