Thursday, 4 February 2016

3 Major Digital Trends for Retailers in 2016

The retail industry is undergoing a transformation. If 2015 can be considered the year of the mobile, 2016 will demand optimization of a mobile strategy. Take a look at the top 3 digital marketing trends for the retail industry for 2016:

  • Location: Beacons are increasingly being used in the retail sector. In the start of 2015, BI Intelligence forecasted that beacons would influence $44 million in retail sales by 2016. A must have for retailers, beacons detect a consumer's location and send push alerts with offers or other useful information to their phones. For instance, a clothing store can send a coupon to a customer near their store or when he/she is close to a competitor's business.
  • Micro-Moments: This is not just another marketing buzzword. Micro-Moments happen every time a user picks up the phone to search for information or to kill time. Most of us check our phones multiple times in a day to check emails, look for eating joints or indulge in price comparisons if we're shopping. Retailers need to bank on these micro-moments by sending appropriate push messages to grab a customer's attention.
  • Personalization: As consumers, most of us prefer to shop from retailers who provide a personalized shopping experience. This is also the key to a successful marketing strategy. Some of the major big box retailers use personalization in their email and re-marketing efforts. eCommerce may do this via product recommendations, style guides, customized site navigation etc.

Do you agree with the prediction? What other trends do you forecast for 2016?

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