Tuesday, 19 January 2016

5 Best Software to Build Mobile Apps

As an enterprise, your primary goal is usually to save time and money while delivering great product/services to your customers. Building and launching an excellent mobile app will also be a part of your strategy. Here are some of the best app building platforms in the market to help you deliver and leverage spectacular mobile apps.

  1. AppBuilder: Businesses can either use the online toolkit to build their own application while simultaneously getting trained on the platform. Or there's an option to work with the AppBuilder platform to develop the app together. One can save time in building an app for all the platforms.
  2. Mobile Roadie: Helps in immediately updating an app's content and works with all types of media. App previews are also possible when Mobile Roadie confirms quality of the app.  In addition, it allows the data to be pulled from multiple formats such as HTML and CSV.
  3. Appy Pie: Is a cloud-based app builder for iOS, Windows and Android platforms. It assists in instant publication to app stores and also permits push notifications, real time edits, app monetization and better customer interactions.
  4. AppMakr: Is free, DIY and allows you to create great Android, iOS and HTML5 applications. Apart from that, it also displays your app's App Quality Index (AQI) so that quality can be improved. AppMakr provides features such as customization, push notifications, live updates, chat, video streaming etc.
  5. BiznessApps: An app creator that is optimized for all business types. It offers a number of business features like shopping carts, push notifications and loyalty programs among others. BiznessApps offers instant updates, easy to use CMS and hundreds of templates to choose from.
These are just some of the app building tools that can be used to build apps with. Each of them has a set of unique attributes – so select one carefully based on your project/enterprise requirements.

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